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Śrī Guru Darśanam is a Question-and Answer Book with Haridāsa Śāstrī Mahārāja. After a whole day in his cowshed, Mahārājaji regularly taught śāstra in the evening and had question and answer sessions. Śrī Satyanarayana Dasa used to record them and translated the replies in Hindi extempore into English for the non-Hindi speaking students. These tapes later were transcribed and arranged according to topic. It took several years to compile them into a properly edited anthology from A-Z.

The 135 topics discussed in this compendium cover a variety of practical, social and philosophical aspects of bhakti and related subjects and give deep insights into the mindset and realization of an advanced devotee. They range from Academia, Ayurveda, Chanting, Dīkṣā, Doubts and Envy to Guru-Tattva, Jñāna, Līlā-smaraṇam, Paramparā, Rasa to Sexual Desires, Siddha-praṇālī, Surrender, Vedic Culture and Women.

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    తప్పులను అంగీకరించడానికి గొప్ప ధైర్యం మరియు వినయం అవసరం. మన తప్పును అంగీకరించడం బలమేగాని బలహీనత కాదు.

    — Babaji Satyanarayana Dasa
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