Feminine Spirituality Course, The Life Coach Certification

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1. Body & Mind
Explore the interplay of male and female energies.
2. Feminine Awareness
Find out why the creator and the creation are symbolized as a man and a woman.
3. Emotions
Look into the mirror of emotions.
4. Inner self
Experience the confidential meaning of 'woman'.

In order to receive a certificate, students will have to make a presentation on Feminine Spirituality and present a case study.

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    Satyanarayana Dasa
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    సత్త్వము, రజస్సు మరియు తమస్సు ఒకదానికొకటి పోటీ అయినాకూడా అవి కలిసి ఉండి కలిసి పనిచేస్తాయి. సహకారభావంతో ఎలా ఉండాలో మనకు చెప్పే ఒక మంచి ఉదాహరణ.

    — Babaji Satyanarayana Dasa
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